AMC Class Action Settlement 2024, Claim Form Available for the Streaming Service Customers

The AMC Class Action Lawsuit is all about claims against AMC Networks Inc. for giving away users’ personal info to other companies without asking properly. This supposed action is said to break the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), a rule that keeps our video rental and watching records private.

As per the lawsuit, AMC Networks used tech to track what users were watching or searching for on their streaming services like AMC+, Shudder, Acorn TV, ALLBLK, Sundance Now, and HIDIVE. Then, they apparently shared this info with other companies without getting clear permission from the subscribers.

To settle these claims, AMC Networks has agreed to pay $8.3 million. It’s important to know that this payment doesn’t mean AMC admits any mistake. It’s more about compensating people affected by these supposed privacy breaches if they meet the rules for getting compensation.

AMC Class Action Payment Dates 2024

amc class action settlement

This legal step is taken to fix the privacy worries raised by some people, making sure that user data is safe and follows privacy laws in the future. As part of the agreement, people who qualify will get compensation, and AMC must check and change how it deals with data to stop similar problems later.

This court case and its agreement show how important it is to keep our online information private and how companies must do their part to protect our data when we use streaming services.

AMC $8.3M Settlement Deadline

Latest Update: AMC+ streaming service customers, including Shudder, Acorn TV, AllBlk, HiDive, and Sundance Now users, may receive a portion of an $8.3 million settlement within next few months. AMC Networks faced accusations of violating the Video Privacy Protection Act between Jan. 18, 2021, and Jan. 10, 2024, by sharing subscribers’ personal information. Deadline to fill up the claim form is 9 April 2024.

Claimants should respond to the settlement administrator’s email or submit a claim by mail before April 9 to potentially receive compensation, though the exact amount per person remains undetermined pending claim verification and deduction of fees.

AMC Class Action Settlement Amount Per Person

The AMC Lawsuit happened because people said AMC Networks shared their personal info without asking. Now, there’s an $8.3 million settlement. But how much each person gets isn’t fixed. It depends on a few things. Here’s how they’ll work it out:

Reasons behind Payout Amounts Difference

The amount each person gets from the AMC Lawsuit settlement depends on a few things:

  • Total Number of Valid Claims: If lots of people make valid claims, the money available gets spread out more, so each person might get less.
  • Deduction of Expenses: They’ll take out money to cover the costs of the lawsuit, like lawyer fees and court expenses, from the $8.3 million. Whatever’s left after these deductions is what they’ll use to pay people.
  • Claimant Eligibility and Verification: Not everyone who claims will get paid. They’ll check each claim to make sure it’s legit. Some claims might not qualify, which could affect how much everyone else gets.

Because of all these factors, it’s hard to say exactly how much each person will receive until they’ve finished processing all the claims and taken out the expenses. We’ll have to wait for the settlement administration to finish these steps before we know for sure.

Who is Eligible for AMC Class Action Settlement

The AMC Class Action Lawsuit is aimed at AMC Networks for allegedly breaking the Video Privacy Protection Act. They’re accused of sharing users’ info without asking. To be part of this settlement and get compensation, you need to meet certain rules:

  • Primary Requirement: You must have been using AMC’s streaming services, like AMC+ and others mentioned in the lawsuit, such as Shudder, Acorn TV, ALLBLK, Sundance Now, and HIDIVE.
  • Affected Period: You qualify if you subscribed to any of these AMC services between March 25, 2018, and January 25, 2023. This time frame is crucial because it’s when the alleged privacy issues happened.
  • Service Access: You must have used these services through AMC’s website, mobile app, or any platform controlled by AMC. This makes sure that what’s being questioned directly affects you.
  • Location: The lawsuit doesn’t mention specific places, so it seems like users from all over the country (and maybe even beyond, depending on where the service is available) could be eligible if they meet the other rules.
  • Legal Representation: If you’ve already hired a lawyer to handle this issue for you, you can’t be part of this Settlement Class. This stops people from getting double help for the same problem.

These rules make sure that the settlement goes to the right people and help resolve the issue fairly.

Guide to Claim in the AMC+ Class Action Settlement

To make your claim in the AMC Stereaming Class Action Lawsuit, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit AMC Class Action Settlement’s official website at
  2. Check out lawsuit details and the settlement information available on the website.
  3. Ensure you meet all the criteria, such as being a registered AMC user during the specified period.
  4. Collect any documents or evidence that prove you used AMC’s services.
  5. Complete the online claim form accurately, providing all necessary information about your AMC usage.
  6. Double-check all your details before submitting your claim to make sure everything is correct.
  7. Use the online submission method to send in your claim before the deadline on April 9, 2024.
  8. Keep copies of your completed claim form and any confirmation receipts you receive.
  9. The administrators will review your claim, verify your eligibility, and determine the compensation you’re entitled to.
  10. Keep checking the settlement website for any updates on the status of your claim.

After you’ve submitted your claim, they’ll review it and decide if you qualify for compensation. Just keep an eye on the website for any news about your claim!

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