Vizio TV Class Action Settlement Form 2024, Amount, Eligibility, Last date and Step to File a Claim

In 2018, Vizio, a big name in consumer electronics, got caught up in a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that Vizio was misleading customers about the refresh rates of their TVs. It all boiled down to Vizio’s ads for some TV models, which boasted a “120Hz effective refresh rate” and “240Hz effective refresh rate.” The plaintiffs argued that these claims were deceiving.

To sort out the issue, Vizio decided to settle the lawsuit by paying $3 million. However, Vizio stood firm, saying they hadn’t done anything wrong and had properly labelled their TVs with the correct refresh rate details.

About Vizio TV Refresh Rate Settlement Claim

Concern Country USA
Company TV Manufacturer Vizio
Settlement Claim Net Amount 3 million dollars
Amount Per Person $17-$50
Eligible Purchase Date After April 30, 2014
Last date to claim March 30, 2024

Following allegations of using “false and deceptive” marketing regarding the refresh rates of their TVs, Vizio, a consumer electronics maker, agreed to pay $3 million in a 2018 class action lawsuit. Vizio maintains that they correctly labelled each TV with the appropriate “Hz” standard and denies any wrongdoing.

Although certain Vizio TVs advertise effective refresh rates of “120Hz” and “240Hz,” these numbers mainly result from motion clarity technology. In reality, most TVs have a true, natural refresh rate of 60Hz. This discrepancy led to accusations of “false and misleading” advertising.

As part of the settlement, Vizio has pledged to halt these advertising practices and offer enhanced services and a limited one-year warranty to all members of the settlement class.

Vizio Settlement Claim Payment Amount

If you bought a TV from Vizio in California after April 30, 2014, you could be owed money. Vizio, a TV maker, is in trouble for making big claims about their TVs’ high refresh rates. Vizio says their ads were true, but they had to pay about $3 million in the $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024 because they couldn’t prove it.

You might get up to $50, but you have to submit your claim by March 30, 2024. Check out this post to learn more about the $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024 and who can get it.

Vizio TV Settlement Claim Application Form

The class action settlement could benefit any Californian who bought a new Vizio TV after April 30, 2014, if the TV was advertised as having a “240Hz effective refresh rate” or a “120Hz effective refresh rate.”

To qualify, claims must be filed by March 30, 2024, and the claim form is accessible on Vizio’s website. The claim application needs to include proof of ownership, like a copy of the invoice or the TV’s serial number.

As per the detailed letter, claims cover TVs bought between April 30, 2014, and the final approval of the agreement, scheduled for a hearing in June 2024.

Who can apply for the Vizio Class Action Settlement Amount?

To file a claim for the settlement, eligible customers need to meet certain conditions. If you purchased a Vizio TV in California after April 30, 2014, you can submit a claim form on the class-action lawsuit’s website.

The settlement payments may be subject to a pro-rata reduction, depending on the number of valid claims received. Individuals could receive up to $50, but it may be reduced to $17 or even lower if more claims are submitted than the $3 million fund allows. Vizio will also cover legal expenses.

We hope this information helps you understand the $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024 and assists you in filing your claim.

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