Check DWP payment dates for July 2024 for benefits and pensions

DWP July Payment Schedule: The upcoming July 2024 general election will bring significant political changes, but it won’t affect your benefit payments.

Rest assured that even amid potential plans by parties to revamp the benefits system, immediate changes are unlikely, and you will continue to receive your benefits as usual.

Benefits serve as a crucial support for many households across the UK, though they may not always suffice. It’s essential to ensure you receive all the financial aid you’re eligible for.

Below are the dates when the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will disburse benefits and state pensions in July 2024, guidance on checking eligibility for additional benefits, and other resources for financial assistance.

On which date I will get the DWP Payment in July 2024?

The timing and frequency of your benefit payments depend on the type of benefit and when you started receiving it.

Universal Credit from the DWP is paid monthly, while payments for state pension, attendance allowance, disability living allowance, pension credit, and personal independence payment (PIP) are made every four weeks.

Child benefit, tax credits (from HMRC), and caregiver’s allowance are also paid every four weeks or weekly. Maternity leave payments are typically made every four or two weeks.

Job seekers’ allowance, income support, and employment and support allowance generally follow a bi-weekly payment schedule.

State pension July 2024 Payment Date

State pension payments are typically issued every four weeks, with the timing determined by your national insurance (NI) number.

If your NI number falls between 00 and 019, payments are made on Monday. For numbers 20 to 39, payments are on Tuesday. Those with numbers 40 to 59 receive payments on Wednesday, while 60 to 79 receive theirs on Thursday. Numbers from 80 to 99 get paid on Friday.

When applying for your state pension, you’ll choose a start date for receiving benefits. Your first payment will arrive no later than five weeks from your selected date.

How can I find out if I’ll be able to receive benefits in July 2024?

Whether you’re employed, unemployed, ill, disabled, a parent, young, elderly, or a veteran, you may qualify for various benefits and tax credits. Tools like the benefits calculators from Turn2Us, Policy in Practice, and entitled to can help you determine what you might be eligible for.

Citizens Advice not only offers guidance on a wide range of issues but also provides information on government financial support that may be available to you.

For further information on additional assistance you might qualify for, visit the government’s Help for Households website.

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