Capital One Settlement Claim 2024, Check Payment Status and Eligibility

In July 2019, a hacker gained unauthorized access to the personal details of around 98 million individuals who applied for or owned Capital One credit cards in the US and Canada. This breach had serious consequences for those affected.

To address the aftermath, a settlement has been arranged for a class action. Detailed information about this settlement is available on the Capital One Settlement website, found at If you are involved in this settlement, please be aware that emails from EpiqPay regarding payments for the Capital One Class Action Settlement are genuine. It’s crucial to stay informed about this matter.

Capital One Class Action Settlement 2024 Payment Update

Company Name Capital One
Payment Status Batch-sent to class-action members who filed claims within the specified time frame
Claim Last Date 27 November 2023 (Gone)
Payout Method Digital payment (EpiqPay) or Paper check
Total Amount of Settlement Fund $190 million
Added Benefits
  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity theft protection
  • Reimbursement for certain expenses
Authority Official Website

The settlement administrator began distributing payments on September 28, 2023. It’s important to note that if you qualify for a settlement, you must ensure you receive these payments by November 27, 2023. This comprehensive approach aims to keep affected individuals informed and ensure they receive their entitled compensation promptly and efficiently.

Who can claim for the Capital One Settlement?

As of December 25, 2023, the deadline for claiming eligibility for the Capital One settlement has expired. Therefore, individuals can no longer submit compensation claims. However, you may still be interested in knowing the eligibility criteria for future reference or to understand the scope of the settlement.

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Here’s who qualified as eligible members of the Settlement Class:

Claiming Lost Time and Out-of-Pocket Expenses Eligibility Terms

  • People living in the United States whose personal info like names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and bank account numbers got accessed in the 2019 Capital One data breach, as found by Capital One.
  • People who got a notice telling them they might qualify for the settlement.
  • People who filled out a proper claim before the November 27, 2023, cutoff.

Who can avail of benefits for Free Restoration Services

Every member of the Settlement Class, whether or not they claimed Lost Time or Out-of-Pocket Expenses, will get credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and help with resolving fraud issues.

Categories Who Can’t Claim this Settlement

Members of the following categories are excluded from the Capital One Bank settlement:

  • Capital One and Amazon officers and directors.
  • The presiding judge and judicial staff handling the lawsuit.
  • Any Class Member who chose to opt out of the settlement on time and with a valid request.

Guide to File a Claim for the Capital One Settlement?

Unfortunately, the time frame for submitting a claim for the Capital One settlement has ended. The deadline for submitting claims was November 27, 2023.

If you haven’t submitted a claim yet and missed the deadline, there’s no way to seek compensation through this settlement anymore.

However, all members of the Settlement Class can still benefit from free Restoration Services offered by the settlement. These services include credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and assistance with fraud resolution, regardless of whether a claim was filed for Lost Time and Out-of-Pocket Expenses.

Capital One Bank Settlement Payout for Each Individual

Capital One has promised to pay claimants $25,000 each as part of the settlement, totalling $190 million.

The distribution of funds for the Capital One Class Action Settlement will be handled through Epiq Pay, and all communication about these payments will be done via email. This careful process ensures that claimants are well-informed and that the distribution is safe and efficient.

People affected by the breach will get money to cover costs related to the incident, like dealing with fraud charges, expenses from identity theft, and fees for improving data security. They can also claim compensation for the time lost due to the breach, up to $25 per hour for up to 15 hours. This payment aims to ease any inconvenience caused by the breach.

Capital One’s commitment to compensating claimants isn’t just about money but also about acknowledging and addressing the challenges faced by those affected by the security breach. This comprehensive settlement tackles various concerns and ensures that individuals get fair and suitable compensation for the breach’s impact on their lives.

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