Canada iPhone Batterygate Claim Approved, Settelment Form Website Launched

Exciting news for older models Canadian iPhone users, Apple is set to pay out a chunk of money, somewhere between $11.1 million and $14.4 million, to settle a lawsuit that’s been brewing for six years. This lawsuit is all about something called ‘Batterygate’.

Some people said that when Apple sent out software updates, it caused their older iPhones to slow down. Picture your reliable old iPhone suddenly feeling sluggish, like it’s trudging through mud instead of zooming along like it used to.

Apple Canada iPhone Settlement Claim 2024

Apple Batterygate Settlement claim process

Now, here’s the exciting part. A judge in British Columbia approved the settlement. This means Apple will be giving out money. If you meet the requirements, you could receive up to $150! Not bad for something that’s been sitting unused in your drawer.

If you believe your iPhone meets the criteria, it’s worth investigating. Your old device might be worth more than you think. So, take a look, clean it up, and see if you’re eligible for some extra cash. It’s a win-win opportunity!

What happened with the iPhones?

In 2018, Apple faced legal trouble for updates they released in 2017. These updates were meant to prevent older iPhones from shutting down unexpectedly due to weak batteries. Instead, they caused issues like slower speeds, shorter battery life, and sudden shutdowns for some iPhone models. This whole situation was nicknamed “Batterygate” online, with some people wondering if Apple did it intentionally to push people into buying new phones.

Apple’s Reaction

Moving ahead a bit, Apple has agreed to pay around $11.1 to $14.4 million to settle the case with Canadian iPhone users. However, Apple maintains they didn’t do anything wrong. The settlement is more about closing the issue and moving forward.

What Happened in Court?

The court proceedings took place on January 29. After considering everything, the judge approved the settlement on March 5. So, that’s the latest update on the “Batterygate” saga.

Which iPhone models does this apply to?

If you had an Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, or 7 Plus with certain software versions, you might get some money. Here’s the deal: If your phone had iOS 10.2.1 or later (for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, or SE) and/or iOS 11.2 or later (for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus) before December 21, 2017, you could be eligible.

How Much Money?

You could get up to $150 for each eligible phone. But in case a lot of people apply, the money might be divided among everyone. This means your share could be between $17.50 and $150 per phone. Still not bad, right? Hope you will get a decent amount.

What if You Qualify?

If you have one of the eligible iPhones, you’re already included in the settlement. You don’t need to do anything – you’re automatically part of it. Just remember, you’ll have to follow whatever the court decides.

How to apply for Apple Canada iPhone Settlement?

Keep an eye on Soon, they’ll dish out details on how to grab your slice of the pie. You’ll need to fill out a claim form with stuff like your name, address, and iPhone serial number, and swear on the Bible (well, not really) that your iPhone had the right software and got sluggish afterwards.

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